The Greater Indiana Chapter Society for Neuroscience (GISfN) brings together scientists from across Indiana with a goal to advance the study of the brain, the nervous system and related disorders, promote collaboration and interdisciplinary research, and educate the public and professionals. Our annual event provides the largest Indiana venue for networking and sharing research in Neuroscience. 

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2022 Annual Meeting of the
Greater Indiana Society for Neuroscience
A Virtual Event

April 15th, 2022


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We look forward to connecting with you on April 15th! Please visit the meeting website for full program details.


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Program Committee:

Cary Lai, IUB

Peristera Paschou, Purdue

Hongxia Ren, IUSM

TerI Belecky-Adams, IUPUI

Ben Perrin, IUPUI

April 15, 2022

Greater Indiana Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting

March 14-20, 2022

Brain Awareness Week