Chapter Officers

Marian Logrip, PhD, IUPUI

Richard van Rijn, PhD, Purdue

Dan Tracey, PhD, IUB

Hongxia Ren, PhD, IUSM

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Jan11-13th, 2021

Society for Neuroscience virtual event

Mar15-21st, 2021

Brain Awareness Week

2021 Annual Meeting of the
Greater Indiana Society for Neuroscience
Venue: Virtual

Joint Meeting with the Beyond Boundaries - Indiana Academies Symposium. 

Link to Symposium Webpage

Event Date/Time:

April 9th, 2021, 10.15am-3pm


​​​Joint Symposium Keynote Speaker:

Frances Moore Lappé

National Keynote Speakers:

Amy Arnsten, PhD

Yale University

Massimo Scanziani PhD

University of California San Francisco

​​​Regional Keynote Speakers:

Ken Mackie, MD

Indiana University - Bloomington

Trainee SfN Talks:

Andrea Jones, PhD

Indiana University - School of Medicine

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