Due to COVID-19-related travel and meeting restrictions, the 2021 annual meeting will be held virtually on April 9th.

Chapter Officers

Marian Logrip, PhD, IUPUI

Richard van Rijn, PhD, Purdue

Dan Tracey, PhD, IUB

Hongxia Ren, PhD, IUSM

Contact information
  • Greater Indiana SfN Facebook page
  • Greater Indiana SfN Twitter Feed
Jan11-13th, 2021

Society for Neuroscience virtual event

Mar15-21st, 2021

Brain Awareness Week

2021 Annual Meeting of the
Greater Indiana Society for Neuroscience
Venue: Virtual

Joint Meeting with the Beyond Boundaries - Indiana Academies Symposium. 

Link to Symposium Webpage

Event Date/Time:

April 9th, 2021, 10.15am-3pm


​​​Joint Symposium Keynote Speaker:

Frances Moore Lappé

National SfN Keynote Speakers:

Amy Arnsten, PhD

Yale University

Massimo Scanziani

University of California San Francisco

​​​Regional SfN Keynote Speakers:

Ken Mackie, MD

Indiana University - Bloomington

Trainee SfN Talks:

Andrea Jones, PhD

Indiana University - School of Medicine

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